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B&S Signature Range - Heart Panama Hat

£119.95 GBP

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Shape:  B&S Signature's heart shape hat has an effortless elegance that adds a touch of glamour to any occasion.  Be it a wedding, a day at the races or just an afternoon walk, this pretty hat is guaranteed to bring admiring glances your way!  Please note that this hat cannot be rolled due to the design of its bow.

Colour:  This traditional colour combination of bleached white straw (achieved through a combination of sun and soak bleaching) with a black band emphasises the classic design of this hat.

Weave:  The Borges & Scott Signature range of Panamas use very narrow fibres, painstakingly woven into a beautiful lattice structure to ensure supreme lightness, softness and breathability. Each hat will have taken more than a day for our craftsmen and ladies to make.  For more information on the various qualities of weave we offer, please click here:  Panama Hat Weave Types