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Pure Cashmere Scarf - 100% Cashmere - Made in Nepal

£89.95 GBP

Size Guide

We have searched carefully to find the best Cashmere to bring you this warm and soft scarf that does not compromise on quality in any aspect.  We are known for only using the finest materials. That is exactly what we have done here with this luxurious Cashmere scarf. 

Rather than working with large Chinese (ie Inner Mongolian) Cashmere processors, we have worked with a small Nepalese wool mill and workshop to bring you the best Cashmere scarf available.

LONG and WIDE:  We hate it when a scarf is too small!  At 6 foot (180cm) long and 12 inches (30cm) wide, this scarf can be comfortably wrapped around the neck once or twice depending on your preference.

WARM and SUSTAINABLE: The sustainable 100% Cashmere wool used in this scarf has been proven over centuries to withstand the worst conditions of the freezing mountain pastures of the Cashmere goat. This scarf will keep you warm and stylish whilst maintaining the natural breathable properties of wool whatever the winter brings.

CLASSIC RIBBED DESIGN: These warm scarves have a stylish ribbed design that will never go out of fashion, whilst making the most of the Cashmere’s natural softness. It will look great when paired with a stylish Borges & Scott flat cap, Cashmere woolly hat or a winter coat.

GIFT BOXED: Arrives packed in a quality recyclable gift box, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves slow, sustainable fashion.