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The Dingwall - Eight Piece Harris Tweed Cap

£42.95 GBP

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"The Dingwall" has a sumptuous 8 piece design with a slightly baggy, yet still fitted feel to it. Its shape bridges the gap between the fitted Nevis flat cap and the fully baggy bakerboy (or newsboy) style of our Lomond.

The cap is sewn to the bill to ensure the snug fit of this high quality cap stays true - whatever the Scottish highland or city weather may throw at it.

The 6cm (2 and 3/8 inch) brim offers the perfect protection for your eyes come rain or shine.  The Dingwall also has Borges & Scott's slightly lower cut - this generous fit ensures a cosy feel and a secure fit.

This model makes us feel at home - that's why we called it the Dingwall.  Dingwall is small a town in the Highland area of Scotland with a big history.  Home to one of the largest castles in Northern Scotland and the ancestral roots of a branch of the Scott family behind Borges & Scott.  Once the site of fierce battles this seaside town is now more famous for its Ross County football team - the most Northerly full time outfit in the United Kingdom.

Our Harris Tweed is sourced from traditional producers in the Scottish Outer Hebrides - due East of Dingwall.  Woven on treadle-powered looms, every inch of the fabric is dyed, spun and woven on these remote islands using skills passed down the generations. These techniques are low impact and only use natural raw materials.

Each of our caps carries a certification "orb" label from the Harris Tweed Authority so you can be assured this is the genuine article.

Wool was the forgotten textile for a long time.  But not anymore, this fantastic natural and sustainable material has made its comeback.  Warm in winter and breathable in summer, 100% wool tweeds provide much better protection and a more comfortable feel than cheaper polyester or wool mix materials.  That's why we choose to only use pure wool tweeds in our ranges of Harris and Irish tweed caps.