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Signature - 100% Cashmere - Blanket Throw

£219.00 GBP

Size Guide

We know that we're normally known for our exclusive hats and caps, and it was our work with the small family run Cashmere hat workshop that makes our Cashmere hats that led us to these fine throws. Conversations with the workshop artisans made us wonder what a blanket made out of the 100% cashmere used in our hats would feel like; soon a couple of blankets were made and we loved the results!  So much so we decided we could not keep them to ourselves any longer!

SUPER SOFT 100% CASHMERE WOOL: Forget the “Cashmere” blankets and throws you’ve seen elsewhere that claim to be Cashmere, but only actually contain a small amount of Cashmere. This blanket is the real deal, 100% pure Cashmere.

SINGLE SIZE: At just under 6 foot (160cm) long (not including the tassels) and 4.5 foot (140cm) wide, this delicately woven blanket is considered “single size”. It’s prefect as a TV or sofa blanket. Please note that this is a fairly ‘lightweight’ woven blanket, but the amazing insulation properties of Cashmere make it feel much warmer than it looks!

GIFT BOXED: Arrives packed in a quality recyclable gift box, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves slow, sustainable products that will last a life time.

MADE IN NEPAL: Each blanket has been lovingly created in good conditions at a small family run workshop in Nepal.