The Savanna - Leather Trimmed Teardrop Panama Hat

£85.95 GBP

Size Guide

The Savanna features a classic centre dent and leather belt combination so that you can add some subtly refined style to your warm weather wardrobe. As your eye explores the intricate nature of the weave, you come to appreciate the artisan skill that has been passed down the generations.

A mid width brim shields your eyes from the suns glare, and helps you add that subtle elevation to any outfit. When you pair it with the medium height crown, you have the recipe for a look that you can’t wait to debut.

Genuine Panama Hat: Teardrop Fedora Shape with real leather belt and medium height crown.  Handwoven from light and breathable Toquilla Straw in ethical conditions. 

Medium Brim: The brim of the Savanna has a medium width (about 7cm or 2 & 3/4 inches) which provides your eyes with protection from the majority of the sun's glare, without being unwieldly. The crown height is also in the middle of the range standing at 9cm (about 4 & 2/3 inches).

Comfort Fit:  A premium quality cotton inner sweatband ensures a great fit that flexes to the shape of your head and "wicks" away sweat ensuring all day comfort.

To maintain best condition we advise this model should not be rolled.

All our genuine Panamas are hand woven by our skilled craftspeople in Ecuador (home of the Panama), and are checked and finished by our team in Bristol, England. Each stylish hat is carefully woven by hand from many thin "iraca" palm fibres resulting in a brilliantly light and breathable hat. This model is finished in our Fedora style which suits the majority of head shapes and is good for both smart and casual occasions.