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How to find the right size Panama hat for you

If you are not sure what your hat size is, please follow these simple instructions to find your size.

Measure your head at the level you would want the hat to sit when you are wearing it. This can vary a little according to your personal preference, but normally it would be across the middle of the forehead, pass a thumb’s width above your ears and around the widest part of the back of your head. Use a tape measure or a piece of string to find your size in centimetres.

Once you have the measurement in centimetres, this should be the hat size for you. You may wish to move up or down one size if you like a particularly loose or tight fit.

If you know your hat size in a different measuring system, please use the following conversion chart to convert it to our sizing.

If you are buying the hat as a gift, as a starting point we find that our most popular ladies size is 57, for gentlemen it’s a size 59. If you choose the wrong size, we’ll be more than happy to exchange it for you.

If you’re not sure what size to go for:

Remember that we offer a very flexible exchanges policy, so if you do end up with the wrong size Panama hat we will happily exchange or refund it for you.

Some customers like to order a couple of different sizes to try on at home and then return the ones that do not fit. If you’d like to do so, please order the Panamas you would like to try, choose your favourite and then return the hats that you do not like so much to us within 28 days.

Finding the right size Panama hat