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1. Start by wearing your Borges & Scott Panama Hat
for a few days/weeks to soften the fibres.

Borges & Scott - How to roll your Panama hat
2. Push out the top of the hat from the inside.

3. Turn down the brim and gently flatten
the hat. Make sure you are not tightly folding,
pinching or crushing the delicate natural fibres,
particularly near the crown.

4. You should now have an almost triangular
shape. But try not to make it too tight –
you should not actually fold the edges.

Borges&Scott_PanamaHats_Rolling4 Borges&Scott_PanamaHats_Rolling5
5. Now gently roll the hat, starting from the brim on one side.
Be careful not to roll it too tightly, especially when it is new.

6. Now it is rolled, you can carefully place it in
your storage tube or box and head to the sun!

To unroll your Panama Hat
Try to unroll your hat as soon as you can. The straw can be likened to
linen - the hat may pick up some creases from being rolled, but most of
these will drop out once it is back in use. For more information, please
refer to our website which has a video showing you how to roll your hat.