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The Safari - Wide Brim Teardrop Panama Hat - Harder Wearing

£89.95 GBP

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The Safari is a classic Teardrop Fedora made from harder wearing straw and a more durable double stitched brim edge. Available in white with a classic black ribbon or with our popular blue and red striped ribbon.

A wide brim shields your eyes from the suns glare, and helps you add that subtle elevation to any outfit. When you pair it with the medium height crown, you have the recipe for a look that you'll not be able to wait to debut.

GENUINE PANAMA HAT: Teardrop Fedora Shape with a choice of ribbon. Handwoven in Ecuador by Borges & Scott from very light and breathable Toquilla Straw.

HARDER WEARING: Woven with a slightly stronger weave than the standard Borges & Scott Panama hat to give a more robust headpiece. Double stitched edge protects the edge of the brim. All genuine Panamas must be treated with some care, but this model has been designed to be as tough as the lightweight natural materials will allow.

WIDE BRIM: Made with a wider brim than the B&S Classic Fedora, the Safari model provides great protection from the sun. Premium quality inner sweatband ensures a great fit that "wicks" away sweat ensuring all day comfort. The brim can be "snapped" up or down to suit your preference.

A PROVEN CLASSIC: A stylish genuine Panama will never go out of fashion! B&S Panama hats are all hand woven from natural materials, making them far cooler and breathable than synthetic materials or cheap replicas. Supplied with cork sizing adjusters to help get the perfect fit.

To maintain best condition we advise this model should not be rolled, however, it can be rolled if you are prepared to accept that it will start to lose some shape and develop the odd bit of character! Crown measures approx. 3.5" and the brim 3 & 1/4 on average (although there will be some variation as each hat is handmade).