More than just Fedoras; the different styles of Panama hats

People typically think of a Panama hat as a the classic white fedora style hat with a black band.  However, as long as the hat is woven in Ecuador using the traditional materials, methods and techniques,then it is a Panama hat regardless of it's shape or colour.

Allow Borges & Scott to take you on a voyage of discovery to find your perfect style, shape and colour of Panama hat!




The “Classic Panama”, with a mid-width brim and indented crown. Typically creased lengthwise down the crown and "pinched" near the front on both sides. The typical crown height is 11 cm.

The brim is usually approximately 6.4 cm wide.

Tumi Fedora Panama Hat


Also known as the Colonial, Optimo or Natural. Has a single ridge along the centre of the crown which lends itself well to rolling up. Our most popular shape for regular travellers.

Borges & Scott Folder Panama Hat


Also known as the Planter or Gambler, it has a vintage, 1930s aesthetic. The brim, rather than flipping down, remains constant all the way around. Please note this style is not suited to rolling.

Tumi Dumont Panama Hat

Teardrop Fedora

This adaptation of the classic Fedora has a slightly wider, teardrop shape crown, making the crown slightly lower than our classic Fedora, resulting in a closer fit.  It has a turned up brim at the rear, that comes down slightly at the front.  Please note this style is not ideal for rolling and will lose a little of its shape if rolled.

Borges & Scott Teardrop Fedora Panama Hat


A narrow-brimmed hat; which would normally be angled down at the front and turned up at the back. It also has a slightly shorter crown than our Fedora.  Borges & Scott Trilbies have a "flip brim", and so can be worn with the whole of the brim turned up, or with the front turned down. Please note this style is not suited to rolling.

Tumi Trilby Panama Hat

Heart (Ladies)

An extra wide-brimmed sun hat with a scalloped indentation at the back of the brim to produce the heart-shape. Finished with a pretty ribbon bow. Please note it is not suited to rolling.

Borges & Scott Heart Panama Hat

Wide-brim Sun Hat (Ladies)

An extra wide-brimmed sun hat with smooth lines. Can be finished with a black band and bow.

Tumi Panama Wide-brim Sun Hat

Cultural Icons and their Panama Hats (Part III)

Daniel Craig

With the release of Spectre, attention is drawn once again to Agent 007 and Daniel Craig’s muscular, taught portrayal of a Bond tortured by his tragic past, a pain which can only be extinguished through rampant womanising and cavalier deployment of his license to kill...

Daniel Craig knows a good hatHere we see Mr Craig in his Panama, neatly referencing the brown trilby worn by Sean Connery in Dr No in 1962, proving that style is timeless.

Style: A fan of the classic jeans, shirt, snuggly knitwear combo, his best accessory (other than his trilby panama, naturally) is his craggy jaw-line and brooding air of menace...

He says: “If you don’t get bruised playing Bond, you’re not doing it properly”.

We say: The blue trunks are a difficult look to master, so smoulder from beneath a Borges and Scott Trilby Panama and imagine the family car is an Aston Martin DB5.