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We want you to enjoy your hat for years to come.  To ensure this, please follow these care instructions:

General Care:

  • Do not pinch the front tightly when taking it off or putting it on. 
  • Your hat may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. 
  • If you want or need to reshape the hat, you can (carefully!) use steam (perhaps from a boiling kettle) to soften the fibres before gently shaping it.  Please don’t burn yourself!  An alternative is to lightly dampen the area you want to shape and then heat it with a hairdryer – the principle is the same – it needs a hot and moist environment to soften the fibres. 
  • To flatten the rim you can press it with a warm iron (placing a tea towel between the iron and the hat). 
  • Do not store your hat rolled. Ideally it should be kept rolled for a maximum of 48-72 hours at a time.  To keep your hat looking as good as possible, roll it as little and as loosely as you can!
  • Panama hats don't like to get wet. If yours does get wet, please leave it on a flat surface and let it dry naturally.  When totally dry, you can shape it into its original form.

Rolling Your Borges & Scott Panama Hat:

  • Please do not roll your hat until you have worn it for a few days, or ideally weeks.  The natural oils it will absorb as you wear it help to fit it to the precise shape of your head and soften the fibres, making the rolling process easier.  Click here for instructions on rolling your Borges & Scott Panama hat.  

If you have any questions about care for you hat, please give us a call or send us an email. 

How to care for your Panama hat