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American actress Kate Hudson caught her big break in 2000 when she landed the role of rock groupie Penny Lane in indie film hit Almost Famous, a role director Cameron Crowe had originally intended for Sarah Polley. When Polley dropped out to pursue another project the movie was almost scrapped, but Hudson begged for a chance to read for the role and Crowe was so impressed that she got the part. She won a Golden Globe for the role and received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Hudson has gone on to star in numerous box office hits, achieving her stardom with sheer talent, determination and her renowned charismatic energy (perhaps a trait she inherited from her glamorous mum, Goldie Hawn).

Hudson has managed a busy acting career alongside raising her two sons, Ryder (b.2004) and Bingham (b.2011). It seems her boys have inherited their mum’s snappy fashion sense - here Ryder and Kate are chillin’ on a spring day sporting mixed checks and, of course, matching Panama hats (the perfect complement to any outfit!). Very Cool!

If you admire their style you will love our Signature Ladies Fedora, and Childrens Borges & Scott Teardrop Fedora.

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