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The Orwell - Bowler Hat

€50,95 EUR

Size Guide
  • The stiff premium 100% wool felt used in the Orwell is comfortable, water resistant, and certainly iconic.
  • 5cm brim turns up at the edges for the signature look every bowler has to have.
  • Catch the eye when you’re in town thanks to the sleek cotton ribbon trim, and matching feather.

Rediscover a style from times gone by, and bring it right up to date for the modern day with the Orwell bower. The stiff felt holds the shape and form of the bowler, but still provides just enough give for that comfortable fit you can wear all day long. The 9 cm crown height provides a classic look, and is perfectly complimented by the 5 cm brim with upturned sides. A removable feather and cotton trim finish the Orwell to the highest of standards.

Dressing the part is all about adding those luxurious accessories to your wardrobe that you can’t do without. The Orwell allows you to indulge your love of all things iconic and regal, and to do it in a way that makes you proud to wear it.

Brim Size: 5cm (2 inches), sides upturned

Crown Height: 9cm (3½ inches)

Materials: Wool Felt

Water Resistant: Yes

Crushable for travel: No

Weight of Felt / Seasons: Mid - stiff felt / all season

Style: Bowler

Trim Material: Cotton Ribbon

Notes: Many bowler hats are very hard. Our bowler is stiff, but still has some give to ensure a comfortable fit.