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The Dumont - Panama Hat

€96,95 EUR

Size Guide

Shape:  The Planter (also known as the Gambler or Dumont) is a top choice for those looking for something a little different.  Evoking memories of 1930’s Casinos and the French Riviera this glamourous shape is sure to draw compliments and suits most face shapes.  Please note it is not suited to rolling.

Colour:  The colour combination of natural straw with a traditional black band is a great choice for this shape of hat.

Weave:  B&S Standard Weave.  We have worked with our weavers to bring you this fine hat. Whilst not having the fine weaves used in our own signature range, our standard Panamas offer a great introduction to the world of Panamas.  This shape of hat is not rollable.  For more information on the various qualities of weave we offer, please click here:  Panama Hat Weave Quality Guide