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B&S Signature Range - Ladies Fedora (Grade 18)

€265,95 EUR

Size Guide

Shape:  The Fedora has a classic shape that suits the majority of head sizes and face shapes.  It has timeless lines and is a firm favourite of Panama wearers the world over.  This shape of hat has been in fashion since the 1930s, and shows no signs of quitting!

Colour:  This traditional colour combination of carefully selected light coloured straw with a black band emphasises the classic design of this hat.  Also supplied with a brown band on request.

Weave:  With a minimum of 18 strands of straw per inch (324 weaves per square inch), this is a great introduction to Borges & Scott’s Monticristi weaves.  For more information on the various qualities of weave we offer, please click here:  B&S Panama Weave Qualities