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The Herring - Fedora Panama

€98,95 EUR

Size Guide

Shape:  The Fedora shape of the Herring is a classic style, especially in these traditional shades of almost white straw with a black ribbon.  Our new "Herring" model adds a slightly wider brim to the same silhouette of our Classic Fedora in response to the rising trend for increased protection from the sun.   

The Herring's flat brim is slightly stiffer than our other styles, but can still be gently shaped with a little steam should you wish.  It's smooth contours will be appreciated by Panama lovers, both new and experienced!

Colour:  This version of the Herring has the classic Panama colour combination.  Bleached white straw (achieved through a combination of sun and soak bleaching) with a black band emphasises the traditional shape of this quality hat.  Also available in natural straw with a brown ribbon.

Weave:  B&S Herringbone Standard Weave.  The Herring distinguishes itself by using a intricate herringbone weave pattern.  We have worked with our weavers to bring you this fine hat that is a wonderful balance of weave quality and expense.  Whilst not having the fine weaves used in our Signature range, the Herring is still a wonderful Panama that showcases the skill of our weavers.  We do consider this hat to be roll-able, however if you are planning on rolling your hat on a regular basis, we would recommend investing in one of our finer weave B&S Signature panama hats.  For more information on the various qualities of weave we offer, please click here:  Panama Hat Weave Quality Guide