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B&S Signature Range - Teardrop Fedora

€138,95 EUR

Size Guide

Shape:  This adaptation of the classic Fedora has a slightly wider, teardrop shape crown.  As a result the crown is slightly lower than our classic Fedora, making for a closer fit.  It has a turned up brim at the rear, that comes down slightly at the front, making it perfect for those really looking to hide from the sun!

This Teardrop version of our Fedora can be rolled.  However, it's wider style makes it less suited for rolling than the standard Fedora or our Folder (which really is the best for rolling).  This means that although it can be rolled, it will be quicker to "develop character" than the other styles and less likely to completely revert to its original shape.  If this is not clear, please feel free to give us a call to discuss this in more detail.

Colour:  Combining unbleached straw with a black band this colour combination does a great job of highlighting the natural, handmade qualities of this hat.

Weave:  The Borges & Scott Signature range of Panamas use very narrow fibres, painstakingly woven into a beautiful lattice structure to ensure supreme lightness, softness and breathability. Each hat will have taken more than a day for our craftsmen and ladies to make.  For more information on the various qualities of weave we offer, please click here:  Panama Hat Weave Types