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Traditional Cork Hat Sizing Strips - Self Adhesive - Set of 6

€9,95 EUR

Size Guide

If your hat is too big, these corking strips can be inserted to make it a better fit. Simply apply to the hat itself inside the sweatband to reduce the size and ensure a great fit.

Make from cork, these traditional strips are more breathable and a pleasant natural alternative to cheaper foam alternatives.

Self-adhesive for a more comfortable fit and easier application. Full instructions included. This set of six is capable of reducing a hat by up to about 2cm - about one hat size (for example this would change a Large to a Medium).

Although made exclusively for Borges & Scott and perfect for our range of high end Felt and Panama hats, these strips can be used on any hat that has a sweatband that is only attached to the hat at the lower edge of the sweatband. If the adhesive does not stock well to your particular hat, they can be glued or simply wedged in place.

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