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Spring Travel Essentials

Keep your hat on - here’s a quick checklist to make packing stress free!

With a new year comes resolutions and plans for fresh adventures. When January arrives many of us start googling travel websites and browsing holiday brochures, planning a sun-soaked getaway to take our minds off the gloomy January weather (and February - apart from us romantic types who look forward to Valentine’s day let’s face it, no one really likes February either- we’re all holding out for March when the Daffodils come out and the clocks go forward!)

Once you’ve settled on the perfect destination, booked your flights, hotel and hire car (and checked that your passport hasn’t expired!) the departure date finally arrives and then the scramble to pack everything you need whilst juggling work commitments and washing and ironing all your summer clothes sets in. Like most people I always leave for the airport with that burning feeling that I’ve forgotten something I’m going to need (my honeymoon being a prime example - both of us exhausted, we left all the euros and the camera charger at home! Oh, and hubby forgot his wedding ring!). Sort yourself out with a simple checklist and packing needn’t be stressful…

When it comes to clothing, that’s more personal - a few mix and match tops and bottoms are essential, active wear if you’re planning a few walking/ exploring days, swimwear, and a favourite smart outfit if you plan to treat yourself to at least one posh night out. A pair of everyday sandals, a pair of smart pumps or heals, and wear your walking shoes on the plane - done. For all other essentials this list has you covered:

Accessories: glasses/ contacts (if needed) + spares, sunglasses, a versatile sun hat (we recommend our classic Ladies Fedora Panama Hat)

Equipment: Re-chargable batteries for small electronics, camera, laptop/ tablet, chargers for phone/camera/batteries and laptop, tripod

Health and Beauty: Contact lens solution, prescriptions (if needed), wetwipes, moisturiser with SPF, sun cream (SPF15 at least), makeup (just take the essentials!), shampoo & conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, razor, first aid kit (Rennies, Imodium, Paracetamol, Plasters), toothbrush & toothpaste

Miscellaneous: Passport, cash and cards, printouts of reservations, guidebook, sat-nav (if you’re planning on exploring by car), a good book/ Kindle, sealable plastic bags for liquid containers

And sit back and relax!

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