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We now offer bespoke hat bands, in a range of gorgeous colours, on all of our Borges and Scott Panama Hats!

If you fancy something a little more colourful than our standard black or brown bands, or perhaps a particular shade to match a favourite outfit, you can now pick a colour from the selection of swatches below.  Please click here to add to your order:

Add Bespoke Hat Band to your Panama

Each hat is customised to order with your chosen ribbon. Our in house milliner will fit your choice of coloured band to your hat to order.  We will send your new hat out to you as soon as possible (it is advisable to allow 5 – 8 days for your custom order to be fulfilled).

Colour Options: 1. Navy , 2. Royal Blue, 3. Red, 4. Baby Pink, 5. Mustard, 6. Olive Green

Here's an example of a bespoke band, a special request from a customer, using a military ribbon. 

Is your hat well traveled? Lost a bit of its shape from all that rolling?

Well, if you feel your Panama Hat needs a bit of TLC we now offer basic repairs and re-shaping – from replacing tired bands to coaxing your hat back into that signature fedora shape.

If you think your hat would benefit from a little 'service', please email us at, attaching a photo of the hat, and we will assess its condition before responding.