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B&S Signature Range - Folder Panama

$155.00 USD

Size Guide

Shape:  Dr Livingston I presume?  Also known as the Colonial, Optimo or Natural; our Folder evokes memories of great British explorers and leaders throughout history.  It is a style driven by practicality, yet beautiful in its simplicity.  Designed to roll, it is our most popular shape for regular travellers.

Colour:  The colour combination of natural straw with a traditional black band is a great choice for this shape of hat.

Weave:  The Borges & Scott Signature range of Panamas use very narrow fibres, painstakingly woven into a beautiful lattice structure to ensure supreme lightness, softness and breathability. Each hat will have taken more than a day for our craftsmen and ladies to make.  For more information on the various qualities of weave we offer, please click here:  Panama Hat Weave Types